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How To Get Approved For A High Risk Motorcycle Loan And Financing

Are you in the market for a motorcycle, but have bad credit and need a high risk motorcycle loan? Well don’t worry the goal of this article is provide you everything you need to know about getting approved for a high risk motorcycle loan.

First you must understand how motorcycle lenders go about classifying you as high risk. On the average, when a motorcycle lender is looking to approve any motorcycle financing they have a much higher cut off in the credit score range than an auto lender. This exists whether you have good or bad credit.

So with that said an auto lender may approve a FICO credit score of 610 as not a high risk, but a motorcycle lender would most likely classify a FICO credit score of 610 as a high risk motorcycle loan and may not offer an approval on it.

There are two reasons for this:

1. Motorcycles are much harder to repossess in good condition than an automobile. As a result of this simple fact, if you default on your motorcycle loan it is a higher risk to the motorcycle lender than an automobile lender because it is much harder to repossess a motorcycle in good condition than a car.

With all the new motorcycle riders entering the industry there is a high incident of some form of minor or major damage on many motorcycles, which translates in to a lower amount per unit a lender gets when they repossess a motorcycle for a customer that chooses to get bad credit over paying for their motorcycle loan. The damage could be from the repossession agency or the actual owner but the simple fact is motorcycle fetch much less at repossession auctions than automobiles.

This simple fact is one reason good and poor credit motorcycle loans are offered at much higher interest rates than a car and has an overall lower approval percentages when compared with cars.

2. The average motorcycle tends to depreciate very fast. Since motorcycles have higher accident rates and there are many people who once they crash do not pay off their loan, this results in higher defaults for motorcycle lenders. This is another reason motorcycle loan rates are higher and motorcycles are hard to get approved for.

Ok, now that you have a background in how a motorcycle lender views a motorcycle loan, let’s look at how you can get approved for a high risk motorcycle loan.

Step one is to really understand your credit report and credit score. Sure if you are looking for high risk motorcycle financing, you probably have had some credit issues in the past. But you never know how those credit issues played out on your credit report until you get a copy of it.

Take a look and make sure everything reported on your credit report is actually true. See every year 1000s of people just like you find creditors made errors on their credit report, which negativity impacted their credit score. If your FICO score shows a 610, but there is 1 error on your credit report you could easily raise your FICO credit score to 625 or higher by getting the error fixed. Always get errors fixed on your credit report before you submit a high risk motorcycle loan application.

Step two is to clean up your credit card debt. I know you are probably thinking I can not do this, but it can make a huge difference in helping you get approved for high risk motorcycle financing. See motorcycle lenders do not like to see your personal credit cards maxed out. Therefore, before you submit your application for motorcycle financing you should try to pay down your credit card debt. Even if you have to do it for the short term it can help you tremendously with getting approved.

For instance, if you have a 610 FICO credit score you will probably be declined if you have all your credit cards maxed out. However, if you are able reduce your credit card debt by 50% you stand a much better chance of getting approved for a high risk motorcycle loan. This is a simple concept but you will be surprised by how many motorcycle buyers fail to do this and never get approved.

Step three and the final step is too finally submit your motorcycle loan application. There are many lenders that specialize in high risk motorcycle loans. I recommend tying about 2 or 3 online motorcycle lenders and then move to your local credit unions or financing provide by the dealership such as Suzuki Finance, Honda Financing, Kawasaki Credit Card or the Polaris Star Card.

Cheap Stylish Motorcycle Clothing and Motorcycle Gloves to Keep You Safe

People all over the world are motorcycle enthusiasts, some even since their childhood, and they have never missed an opportunity to delight in this passion. Most of us have seen people cruising along the highways and roads on their bikes with great pride and gallantry. Motorcycle drivers are mostly chivalrous and confident. But to motorcycle drivers and riders ever consider the array of accidents which are inseparably linked with motorcycle riding? Motorcycle accidents are extremely common; hence, it is important for motorcycle drivers to equip themselves adequately in order to protect themselves. If you are a resident of the UK and enjoy riding your motorcycle, you should have motorcycle gloves and clothing that will keep you safe.

Motorcycle clothes and motorcycle gloves should combine style, protection and comfort. These types of clothing are meant to protect you from accidents. A biker requires a minimum amount of comfort to be able to drive at ease. The proper motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves enable bikers to ride comfortably in all types of weather conditions, even in the most harsh weather conditions. Whether it is rain or snow, good motorcycle jackets offer protection from water seepage and road burn if you fall off your bike and slide. Many bikers like donning the latest styles in motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves. Motorcycle clothes are not just meant to protect a biker and keep him or her safe; they are also an excuse for bikers to wear the latest items of fashionable clothing.

Clothes for motorcycle riders include a number of items from motorcycle jackets to motorcycle gloves. Biker jackets are the most important items in motorcycle clothing and they are manufactured of leather in UK. However, they are also available in nylon, which offers year round protection to bikers. Most of these jackets are manufactured in the UK in such a manner that they offer warmth during the chilly winter and protect from water during the rainy season. The jackets should be purchased only after proper measurements have been taken, unless the jackets are comfortable and accommodating the bikers will not ride comfortably. For bikers who indulge in professional racing, motorcycle body armour is a must. It acts as a shield and protects the back, chest and arms from injuries in accidents.

Motorcycle chaps are another important component of motorcycle clothing, it protects bikers from cold winds, dirt and dust. Motorcycle gloves are another important clothing item that bikers cannot avoid while riding on their bikes. Without motorcycle gloves, motorcyclists may fail to keep the grip needed to handle their bikes. Often the grip of the motorcyclist is compromised due to sweat, which causes her grip to slip. The last and the most important item of motorcycle clothing is the motorcycle helmet. Helmets offer protection to the head and face of the riders from injuries. Hence, a helmet protects the most important part of the body and is surely the most indispensable item of clothing that one needs to wear while driving a motorcycle. However, before purchasing a helmet, make sure that it is endorsed by the Department of Transportation. A DOT certified helmet ensures that it has passed the optimum stages of protection and the helmet complies with motorcycle laws.

A lot of manufacturing companies in the UK produce branded motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves. This motorist wear comes at premium rates however, it is unavailable to most motorcycle owners. Since the most important function of these items of clothing is protection, one can choose affordable motorcycle clothing instead of paying high prices for the expensive brands. Though it is true that affordable clothing items are not as popular as their branded counterparts, these items offer sufficient protection to bikers as long as they have been approved. Before purchasing motorcycle clothing and motorcycle gloves it is necessary to consider certain factors like the fit and the thickness of the jackets. There are a number of motorcycle clothing stores in the UK; shop around to find out best motorcycle clothing and gloves for you.

Tips For Cleaning Your Motorcycle

After your motorcycle has been stored for a few months, it might become pretty obvious that it no longer has the sparkling shine. Here are some tips that will help you clean your motorcycle so that it looks great once more.

Clean The Chrome

Chances are you’ve paid some pretty good money to add a lot of chrome to your bike, so you don’t want to see that hard earned money wasted by having a dulling coating of dust covering the shiny metal parts on your bike. Use a chrome cleaner and a lint free cloth to clean every inch of chrome that you have on your motorcycle. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you might scratch the surface. Make sure you use a non-abrasive cleaner that will not scratch the chrome parts on your motorcycle.

Windshield and Light Covers

If your motorcycle is equipped with a windshield, then you should clean it as well because it needs to be as clear as possible for your to see through effectively. You may find that your windshield is cluttered with pieces of bugs and other gooey material that ended up there during the previous riding season. Use a mild glass cleaner and a line free cloth to clean the surfaces of your windshield and any operating lights that your motorcycle may have.


Your motorcycle also may have a number of leather parts that need to be cleaned from time to time as well. Items such as the seat, luggage bags, saddlebags, tool bags, and other leather items may have collected dust over the long storage period, so you’ll want to give them a little TLC as well. Use a leather cleaner to clean the surfaces of these items. The leather cleaner will also help treat the leather and keep it feeling soft and looking good.


Your tires might also have a dull coating from the dust that has built up on them while you bike was in storage. Find yourself a nice tire cleaner and gently wipe the outer surface of both tires to give them a great looking jet black shine.

Fuel Lines

Cleaning doesn’t just involve the outer extremities of your motorcycle. There are some inner areas that you will want to clean as well, with one area in particular being the fuel system. Extended periods of storage can result in the buildup of dirt and grime in the fuel system, which can wreak havoc on fuel lines, carburetors, and other components.

Caring For Your Leather Motorcycle Jackets

A leather motorcycle jacket is the perfect choice for riding your motorcycle. It’s also a long term investment so you should know about caring for your leather motorcycle jackets.

Leather is durable and designed to last a long time with very little effort. Here are some tips to keep that jacket looking great.

How much actual care your jacket will need will depend on how much abuse your jacket takes. How much time it is in the hot sun or how much rain you expose it to will play a role in how much conditioning you’ll need to give your leather.

If your leather starts to look and feel dry it’s time to condition it. Rain is really hard on leather because it pulls the moisture out of the skin. It’s actually a good idea to condition your jacket every time you wear it in the rain.

There are two schools of thought for conditioning your jacket. Many prefer mink oil is a good choice. It waterproofs it by clogging the pores similar to the way Vaseline would. Eventually it will dry out the leather and it may even leave a whitish haze when it solidifies in the colder weather. You can also use a Lexol type leather conditioner for your jacket.

If you don’t treat your jacket and protect it from UV rays it will fade over time. Black leather is really susceptible to fading. Use a product like Aerospace Protectant to prevent fading. These products also condition the leather. It’s rather like a sunscreen for your leather jacket.

To keep your leather dry use a spray water repellent which will protect you in mild to moderate rain falls. However don’t expect it to save you in a major down pour which will soak through the leather. When spraying make sure to spray evenly and let it completely dry, otherwise you will get horrible lines in the leather.

Besides treating your leather jacket you should wipe it down with a damp cloth regularly. This will remove any surface dirt. When you are storing it you need to make sure that there is room all around it so it can breathe otherwise it may dry out.

Whenever you are using any of these cleaners or protectants you need to make sure the room is properly vented.

Never use hair gels or sprays or colognes or perfumes near your jacket. In fact avoid the use of any sprays near it.

If your coat gets wet while you are out then hang to dry where it can breathe but not directly near any heat. If your jacket develops a wrinkle just use a towel and your iron to remove it.

If you haven’t yet purchased your jacket look for the best grade of leather you can afford. Always choose a full grain leather and settle for nothing less. It doesn’t have to break the bank if you shop online.

Leather motorcycle jackets are as easy as any other leather product to care for and with a little TLC they’ll last forever. What a great investment!